Conference Program

November 8th


8:30 AM – 9:25 AM

Breakfast & Registration

Room 5414


Welcome: Professor André Aciman

(Chair, Ph. D. Program in Comparative Literature
at the CUNY Graduate Center)

 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM



Transnational Flows:
Crisis, Migration, and Dispossession

Room 8301

Moderator: Professor Sorin Cucu
(LaGuardia Community College – CUNY)

PANEL 1 Abstracts

 Carla Hung (Columbia University): Transnationalism and Transmigration

Michael Schapira (Columbia University): Transnational Crisis and the University: The German Modern and the Global Post-Modern in Academia

Jay Hammond (Duke University): Speaking of Opium: Transnational Discourses of (Settler) Colonial Dispossession

Ruby Chen I-Ju (SUNY at Stony Brook): Heterotopia and the Limits of Liberation



Transforming Gender Roles:
Theoretical Approaches

Room 8304

Moderator: Santiago Parga-Linares
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 2 Abstracts

 Christina Grilo (Columbia University): (Un)safely (Un)doing Gender

Kate D’Adamo (New School): Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shape-Shifting Role of Women Engaged in Prostitution in Media

Jodi Davis (Claremont University): Transporting History: Queer Temporalities in the Gay Ghetto



Translation, Transformation
And Transcoding in English Literature

Room 8400

Moderator: Luisanna Sardu
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 3 Abstracts

 Lorena Uribe-Bracho (Graduate Center – CUNY): “Within the Gentle Closure of my Breast”: The Body as Chamber in Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Matilde Fogliani (Graduate Center – CUNY): Translation in the Irish Celtic Revival through Lady Gregory  and Yeats’ Works

Matthew John Phillips (Rutgers University): “Separateness with Communication”: Victorian Internationalism and Translation in George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda



** 15 Minute Break **



11:15 AM – 12:45 PM



Photography, Portraiture and Painting: Transcoding and Transgression in the Visual Arts

Room 8301

Moderator: Matteo Bellucci
Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 4 Abstracts

 Christina Ferando (Columbia University): Transformations:Girodet’s Pygmalion and Galatea and Romantic “Becoming”

Sarah Miller (Boston University): Packaging and Authorship: Photographs in Charles de Tolnay’s Michelangelo

Leslie Cozzi (University of Virginia): Militant Transgressions: Women Artists in Italy and the Demise of Medium Specificity

Eric Shorey (New School): The Future of Filth: Transgression in the 21st Century




Transnationalism in Latin America

 Room 8304

Moderator: Aleksin Ortega
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 5 Abstracts

 Daniel Lanza (Claremont University): Dangerous Playgrounds: Fear and “Slumming” in Latin America

Mariana Goycoechea (Graduate Center – CUNY): Transcolonial or Transnational? Defining Nationhood and Denouncing Social Injustice in Michèle Lalonde’s Speak White and Pedro Pietri’s Puerto Rican Obituary

Ximena Keogh (University of Colorado at Boulder): Navigating In-Between: Identity under the Shadow of the Diaspora




Transgression and Transnationalism
in African-American Culture

 Room 8400

Moderator: Professor Jerry Watts
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 6 Abstracts

Adelaide Kuehn (UCLA): Reality Interrupted: Uncanny Consequences of Subjective Destabilization in Trois Femmes Puisssantes

Anthony Lee (SUNY at Binghamton):  Uncanny and  Feminine: Finding a Place for Transgressive Sexuality in Toni Morrison’s Paradise

Trisha Cowen (SUNY at Binghamton):  A Transnational Feast: The Hunger of America’s Orphans in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy and Tar Baby

Jamella Gow (Claremont University): Debating Difference: Haitian Transnationalism in Paul Gilroy’s Black Atlantic



** 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM Lunch(On Your Own) **




1:45 PM – 3:15 PM



Wandering in the Text: Transitive Identities

 Room 8301

Moderator: Professor Giancarlo Lombardi
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 7 Abstracts

Chelsea Burk (University of Iowa): “So Janie Spoke”: The Symbolic Flâneuse in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Gabriele Costa (University of Macerata, Italy): Transubstantiation: In Pursuit of the Real of the Author

James Richie  (Northeastern University): Textual Alienation and Jorie Graham’s Lyric Faith: Transmission of the Self and Other

Stijn De Cauwer (University of Leuven, Belgium): Trans-Formation and the Search for a Literary Immunity in the Writings of Kafka



Transgressing Genders

 Room 8304

Moderator: Professor Gerry Milligan
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 8 Abstracts

Zachary Scalzo (FAU): Breaking Binaries: Views of Homoeroticism in Dante’s La Commedia

Daniela D’Eugenio (Graduate Center – CUNY): Transvestism and Transformation of Gender in Ariosto’s Ricciardetto and Bradamante

Genevieve Waite (Graduate Center – CUNY): Transparent and Transgressive Bodies: The Physical, Erotic, and Psychological Representations of Eunuchs in Montesquieu’s Persian Letters

Elizabeth Skwiot (Mount Mary College): What is Transmutivity?



Early Modern Transformations
and Transcriptions

 Room 8400

Moderator: Professor Lia Schwartz
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 9 Abstracts 

John Hawley (University of Virginia): Pedagogy and Painting: Transcription and Translation in Leonardo da Vinci’s Education of Pupils

Basil Lvov (Graduate Center – CUNY): The Problem of Russian Baroque: The Dominant Device and Transformation

Matthew Tanico (Yale University): “Double Falsehood”: A Quixotic Tale of Textual Transgression

Rebecca Salois (Graduate Center – CUNY): Colonial Cuban Theatre? Hybridity and Transculturation in Santiago Pita’s El Príncipe Jardinero


** 15 Minute Break **



3:30 PM – 5:00 PM



Transmigration, Exile, and
the Jewish and Russian Experiences

 Room 8301

Moderator: Professor Elizabeth Beaujour
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 10 Abstracts

Alexandra Tatarsky (Reed College): To the Letter: Theologies of Translation in Joseph Brodsky’s Isaac and Abraham

Viktoria Vutova (University of Virginia): Between  the “Hope” and  the “Station Master”: Who is Bunin’s Samson Walking Along the “Dark Avenues”?

David Maruzzella (NYU): The Exigency of Transience: Maurice Blanchot’s Being Jewish



Transcribing Memories and Memoirs

 Room 8304

Moderator: Professor Patrick Reilly
(Baruch College – CUNY)

PANEL 11 Abstracts

Robert Bucci (University of Connecticut): Qui Est Per Omnia Secula Benedicta: Beatrice and the Aesthetic of the Intelligenza Nova

Fabio Battista (Graduate Center – CUNY): Translating Autobiography into Allegory: Historicity and Interpretation in The Pilgrim’s Progress

Inga Veksler (Rutgers University): Transitions in Time: Soviet Jews Recount their Transmigration Experiences




Trans-literature of Italian Women Writers

 Room 8400

Moderator: Anita Pinzi
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 12 Abstracts

Alessandro Giardino (McGill University): Anna Banti: A Translative Marginality between Giorgio Bassani and Susan Sontag

Marianna de Tollis (FAU): Una Donna: A Novel of Transition and Hybridization

Kyle Skinner (Yale University): Morante’s La Storia: History between Epigraphs

Luisanna Sardu (Graduate Center – CUNY): Trans-literature of Women Writer Immigrants in Italy



** 30 Minute Break **



5:30 PM: Keynote Talk


Prof. Michael Holquist

(Yale University)


“The Structure of Philological Revolutions —
Including the Present One”


Skylight Room (9100)




Room 5414

November 9th


9:30 AM – 11:00 AM



Translation beyond the National Borders

Room 4116.03

Moderator: Daniela D’Eugenio

PANEL 13 Abstracts

Cecilia Foglia (University of Montreal): Making Translation a Social Transformation: Marco Micone and the Process of Deracimilation

Anita Pinzi (Graduate Center – CUNY): The Translingual Poetic Subject: Gëzim Hajdari’s Corpo Presente

Carlos Yu-Kai Lin (USC): The Question “Fiction” in Chinese Literature: Reading Lu Xun in Two Languages

Brian Goodman (Harvard University): Reading Kundera’s Laughter: The English-Language Reception of Laughable Loves and The Book of Laughter and Forgetting



Transitions in Theory and Philosophy

 Room 9206

Moderator: Jonathan Liebembuk
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 14 Abstracts

Clayton Shoppa (New School): The Transition of Univocity to Analogy in Fundamental Ontology

Elizabeth Romanow (Stanford University): Alienation and Imaginative Strategies in César Aira’s Cómo Me Hice Monja

Caterina Nirta (University of Westminster, UK): Mis-trans-lation: Monologualism of the Self

Reinhard Moeller (Cornell University): Figures of Cultural and Aesthetic Transgression in Late 18th Century Theory and Travel Literature


Ambiguous Transitions in Literature

 Room 9207

Moderator: Basil Lvov
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 15 Abstracts

Joel Childers  (Claremont University): The War Poets and David Jones’ In Parenthesis

Kristina Mitchell (University of Colorado at Boulder): Living in Ambiguity: Stephen Gordon and the Mestiza Consciousness

Andrey Korovin (Moscow Pedagogical State University, Russia): Icelandic-American Literature as a Phenomenon of Transition

Devon Anderson (Brown University): Character is Who You Are When No One is Watching: Privacy and Nightwood’s Accidental Affects



** 15 Minute Break **



11:15 AM: Keynote Talk


Prof. Leonard Barkan

(Princeton University)


“Lost in Trans:

Some Strands of an Intellectual Autobiography”

Skylight Room (9100)




** 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM Lunch(On Your Own) **


 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM



Italian Middle-Ages in Translation

Room 4116.03

Moderator: Professor Paolo Fasoli
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 16 Abstracts

 Emily Price (NYU): Translation of a Tradition? Re-Appraising the Link between the Troubadours and the Sicilian School

Jeffrey Barnes (Graduate Center – CUNY): Reading and Riding the Monster: Considering the Priamels in Inferno XVII

Daniel Finch-Race (Cambridge University, UK): Transmogrification: Ulysses between Dante and Tennyson




Literary, Musical and Philological Transformations in the Renaissance

 Room 9206

Moderator: Professor Monica Calabritto
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 17 Abstracts

Laurie Glenn (Boston University): Frozen Movements: the Transformations on Ovid’s and Michelangelo’s Heliades

Jadranka Subic (McGill University): The Transcendental Transdisciplinarity of the Renaissance Musicus

Shaun Lalonde (University of Toronto): Transmission and Transportability: The Aldine Press’s 1501 and 1502 Editions of Petrarch and Dante

Courtney Smotherman (University of Notre Dame): Visions of Nationality: Machiavelli, de Sanctis, and the Quest for a United Italy




Cultural Identities in Transition

 Room 4406.11

Moderator: Professor Vincent Crapanzano
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 18 Abstracts

Suyun Choi (SUNY at Binghamton): The Power of Images in the Political: Between “The Hoodie” and  “The Hijab”

Zora Kadyrbekova (McGill University): Transcending Species Boundaries and Literature

Lisa Karakaya (Graduate Center – CUNY): Annie Ernaux’s  “Ecriture Plate”: A Link between Two Worlds

Jonathan Liebembuk (Graduate Center – CUNY): Transistors and Transmissions: On Metaphors of Circuitry in Bataille and Cortazar


Transnational Identities

 Room 9207

Moderator: Professor José del Valle
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 19 Abstracts

Ivan Hernández Torres (FAU): Colonial Postcolonial Dilemma: Transculturation and the Puerto Rican Identity in Felices Días Tío Sergio by Magali García Ramis

Yasmina Fawaz (University of Texas at Austin): Homeless at Heart

Elizabeth Lenn (Graduate Center – CUNY): In Transition: from the Realist to the Modernist across the Atlantic

Anke Geertsma (Graduate Center – CUNY): Crossing the Bridge between Sudan and the U.S.: Human Rights and Cultural Translation in Dave Eggers’s What is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng

** 15 Minute Break **



3:30 PM – 5:00 PM



Transcending Genres: TV, Film and the Internet

 Room 4116.03

Moderator: Professor Giancarlo Lombardi
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 20 Abstracts

Luca Zamparini (Graduate Center – CUNY): Sceneggiati Rai and Risorgimento: How Christian Democrats Rewrote History

Valentine Lysikatos (NYU): Representations of Causality in Film: Searching for Transparency in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

Vivien Cao (Brooklyn College – CUNY): “You’re a Good Man, Walter White”




Transhumance, Transaction and Transmedia

 Room 4202

Moderator: Professor Paolo Fasoli
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 21 Abstracts

Peter Consenstein (Graduate Center – CUNY): Transhumance

Phillip Griffith  (Graduate Center – CUNY): “Ma Suzanne”: The Anamorphic Gaze in Works by Suzanne Doppelt and Anne Portugal

Eric Lynch (Graduate Center – CUNY): Exhibiting Transmedia Work Today: Thomas Hirschhorn and Manuel Joseph




Translocating the Performing Arts
and Architecture

Room 8304

Moderator: Professor Charity Scribner
(Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 22 Abstracts 

Martina Tanga (Boston University): Beyond Conventional Itineraries: Ugo La Pietra’s Analysis of Urban Space

Meagan Tripp (University of Minnesota): Translating Rilke and his Duino Elegies to the Stage

Pamela Kierejczvk Thielman (Graduate Center – CUNY): “Muy Lindo Ingegner Fiorentino”: Baccio del Bianco and Italianate Scenography in the Court of King Phillip IV of Spain

Marnie Christensen (University of Minnesota): Translating a “Whole” Life: Re-presenting Charlotte Salomon’s Life? Or Theatre?




Re-Reading the Classics


Moderator: Professor Paola Ureni
Graduate Center – CUNY)

PANEL 23 Abstracts

Francesca Middleton (Cambridge University, UK): Translation for Bilingual Readers: the Ilias Latina’s Revision of the Iliad in Ancient Imperial Rome

Ilaria Muzzi (Graduate Center – CUNY): Ulysses and The Mask of the Western Man

Stefanie Kletke  (University of Alberta): Translating a Transgressor: (Re-)Interpreting Sulpicia for the 21st Century

Andrés Olmedo Orejuela (Graduate Center – CUNY): What would Seneca do? A Historical Configuration of the Figure of Seneca in Spanish Literature


** 30 Minute Break **



5:30 PM: Keynote Talk


Prof. Steven Kruger

(Graduate Center – CUNY)



Room 9206

Closing Remarks:

Professor André Aciman
Professor Monica Calabritto
Conference Organizer Committee




Room 5414